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Maeng Da Kratom

This is beyond doubt one of the strongest and most effective Kratom varieties available anywhere. It origins from Thailand, and in Thai language "Maeng Da" means cockroach, but is also used as a derogatory term for a pimp.

There are lots of stories about the historical use of Maeng Da Kratom - all of which could be true and sound convincing - but one of the most charming goes like that:

In the 16th century a famous Thai warrior by the name of "Lek the Cockroach" got caught in one of the battles between the Thais and the Burmese, which were countless in this era. For reasons unknown he was neither mutilated nor killed but taken into slavery to the court of the Burmese king.

In those days gambling was extremely popular, and one of the most popular games for gambling was dueling of a certain kind of beetles. Beetle fight was the favorite pastime of Lek the Cockroach, and he had gained quite a reputation for his ability to choose and train victorious bugs. One of the Burmese princes who also was a beetle fight fan heard of that and challenged Lek.

Lek intentionally lost a couple of fights against the prince and finally convinced the prince to make a deal: if Lek would win one last duel against the favorite bugger of the prince, he would gain his freedom.

It was only then that Lek fed his last remaining Maeng Da Kratom leaf to his beetle. Maeng Da Kratom had always been the favorite drug to stimulate Thai warriors into battle frenzy, and Lek thought, what helps the warrior should help the bugger too.

He was right. Lek's bug attacked his opponent owned by the Burmese prince with a zest until then unheard of in the realm of fighting beetles and Lek won his freedom.

Since then it has become general practice to feed powerful drugs to fighting beetles, but none of these drugs has ever been conceived as effective and powerful as the Maeng Da Kratom.

And if it was just for historical accuracy, we can confirm that our Maeng Da Kratom really comes from the Thai province of Kanchanaburi, which was the home of Lek the Cockroach and which was the location from which the master himself had got his Maeng Da Kratom stock.


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