Welcome to KratomClub.com

Welcome to the Kratom Club!

This is the perfect place for all friends of one of world’s most elusive, mysterious and effective plants: kratom.

Just in the way that untouched nature is disappearing under the impact of man, we can observe a rising interest in what treasures are already lost or going to be lost in this development.

This very much applies to the kratom plant (mitragyna speciosa), whose strange and powerful effects on the human body and mind have been known for ages, have been described by early western scientists working in Asia already a century ago but have just only in the last years won the attention and affection of larger circles in western societies.

Not without bitterness we have to acknowledge that the original home of kratom, the vast rainforests of South East Asia, are dwindling much faster than the scientific research of this gorgeous creation of nature is progressing.

So the day is drawing closer when kratom will have vanished from the wild, surviving only in it’s cultivated forms, and most likely even until that sad day we will still have more questions than answers concerning the strange alkaloids assembled in the kratom plant and the overwhelmingly complex ways this alkaloids can influence our bodies and minds, our whole being.

No matter if your interest is historical, ethno botanical or otherwise, we will dedicate our utmost efforts to supply you with stories, facts, legends and anecdotes focused on what scientifically is called mitrogyna speciosa, but what most people today call by it’s name in Thai language: kratom.

For the case that kratom research or pure curiosity are channeling into kratom action, experiment and education, we have also done our best to offer you the finest choice on the market for the real “hardware” - our very reasonably priced samples of kratom leaves and kratom extracts are personally selected by our kratom experts on location in Asia. Be assured that all our kratom products derive from the best kratom plantations and the deepest kratom jungles we have been able to find for you.

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